NFL football and food are perfect mates. The games are long. The season’s temperature is conducive to (tricking oneself into feeling good about) eating weighty dishes. Most important, especially to new trends in stadium concessions, the sport celebrates regional traditions.

Investing in restaurants is also something of an NFL tradition. Former coaches, and current and ex-players alike all find in food a place to diversify and spread their personal brand. Peyton Manning, for example, owns 21 Papa Johns. The string of other quarterback’s with eponymous eateries is almost endless.

Of course, there is also stadium food. Football is responsible for spreading sporting snacks across the nation. The game is also famed for elaborate tailgating. In both the parking lots and in the concession stands of NFL stadiums, friendly competition for the most inventive and “wow” inducing dishes is waged every weekend.

Here, we take stock of the full relationship between the NFL and America’s foodways. Grab a plate.