You’ve been there: Oh, I was so bad this weekend, maybe I should grab a chicken Caesar from the nearest fast food joint for lunch. Well, start devising a better way to stay healthy.

This video from Huffington post breaks down the amount of calories and fat in “healthy” fast food salads, revealing the fact that one Burger King Grilled Chicken Salad has as many calories (490, that is) as Burger King’s 10-piece box of chicken tenders, and one McDonald’s Premium Southwest Crispy Chicken Salad has the caloric equivalent of two McChicken Sandwiches.

Consumers should be commended for choosing the supposedly healthier option, but fast food chains have not done their due diligence in making their healthy options actually healthy. If these chains were a bit more creative, if fresh vegetables didn’t cost more than processed meat and cheese, and if the masses were a little more accepting of what they consider edible, then maybe—just maybe—fast food restaurants would offer healthy menu items. For now, enjoy your 670 calorie crispy chicken salad.


[via Foodbeast]