Let’s face it: We would all love to drop $450 on a sous-vide machine and have endless counter space for bulky ice-cream makers. But until we win the lottery—or that rich aunt decides to hand over our inheritance early—all we’ve got are cramped kitchens, stuffed shelves, and sheer ingenuity.

As it turns out, you don’t really need special equipment to fulfill your sous-vide dreams and homemade ice cream fantasies, though. The web is teeming with simple hacks for everyday kitchen gadgets—including the toaster, the coffee machine, and the dish washer—that will get the job done on the cheap. You need these tricks in your life because nothing will blow your friends’ minds more than cooking lobster in a dishwasher. We admit, the results won’t always be top-notch—for example, cream whipped in a french press won’t be super stiff—but where’s your spirit of adventure?

Get your geek on and go MacGyver on your kitchen gadgets with these 15 amazing hacks.

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