Now, this is commendable. Nick Chipman of spent $140.33 on 43 McDonald’s sandwiches, which he stacked and secured with bamboo skewers to create the insanely tall “McEverything.” Nick explains what lead him to undertake this amazing feat:

You see, I have a bucket list, but instead of things like sky diving, swimming with sharks or other death defying feats of adventure that you’d find on most typical bucket lists mine is completely food related. The number one thing on my list for two or three years now has been to make this sandwich, which I’ve dubbed the McEverything.

Nick wanted to include both breakfast and lunch sandwiches, so he showed up at the McDonald’s in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 30 minutes prior to the end of breakfast service. He wanted to “give the workers enough time to assemble all the breakfast sandwiches before the menu switched over to lunch.” Smart dude. Chipman talks about some of the inherent difficulties in creating the McEverything:

Aside from keeping the McEverything from toppling over as I was assembling it I’d say that the hardest part of building it was not eating any of the sandwiches until it was complete. I’m a total sucker for McDonald’s sandwiches, especially their McGriddles.

We salute you, Sir Chipman.

[via Dude Foods]

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