Eddie Huang is back at it with season two of his VICE television show Fresh Off The Boat. In the trailerHuang says, “Season two is about cities in transition, and the wreckage that capitalism leaves behind.”

The trailer reveals that Huang travels to Detroit, NYC, London, Moscow, and Mongolia throughout the season, doing some crazy sh*t like partying with ladies, jumping into pools, and playing softball. There’s also some pretty gruesome stuff in the trailer, like a horse being butchered and the head falling off the chopping block onto the ground.

We’re meeting the people on the ground, in the belly of the beast,” says Huang, “repairing their cities or pushing them into the 21st century.” Apparently, the Baohaus chef thinks TV and getting his gospel out to the people—not cooking—is his destiny: “I knew my life was not going to be revolving around my career as a chef. I had a lot of things to say about the Asian-American experience.”

The premiere episode of Fresh Off the Boat season two will air September 30 on VICE.com.

UPDATE: Eddie Huang is all over the news today. Four Pins has the exclusive of his new clothing collection, inexplicably titled “Monica Monroe.” “The clothing itself is probably best described as 1980’s drug dealer cozy, featuring an entire range of matching, all over print hoodies, sweatpants, sweat shorts, T-shirts, jerseys and the like,” reports Four Pins.