Chef Eduardo Garcia has had his share of hardships. The young Montana chef was on the road to having his own cooking show, when in 2011, a hunting accident left him without a hand. Since then, Garcia has been rebuilding his strength and confidence in the kitchen, still hoping to launch his own show, called Active Ingredient, sometime in the near future.

Last week, Garcia was fitted with the newest and most advanced prosthetic hand to date. The silicone sleeve fits tightly on his arm so that his skin connects with electrodes in the hand, allowing him to use the muscles in his forearm to control the fingers. The hand grips in 25 different ways, is motorized, wireless, bluetooth, and is made with silicone and carbon fiber making it about the same weight as his right hand. Eduardo Garcia might just be the first bionic TV chef. 

In the video below, watch the amazing chef chop and dice like he’s had the bionic hand for more than one day (he hasn’t).


[via KPTV Fox12]