You probably think you’ve got Rachael Ray pretty well figured out. She makes meals in 30 minutes or less. She has a massive media empire spanning television, magazines, cookbooks, and product endorsement. She once posed in that saucy FHM shoot, but for the most part, she leaves it to Giada to turn teenage boys red in the cheeks.

But hold up: Don’t be so quick to put RR in a box. If you poke around the fringes of her daytime empire, you’ll start to notice some surprises. When given the chance, Ray gets super-amped about craft beer. She creates full recipes for pups that our dog critic Oscar is pretty psyched about. And she’s a big music fan with her own annual showcase at SXSW (last year, Macklemore and Pharcyde played it).

So, when we had a chance to drop by the set of The Rachael Ray Show recently, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put Ray in the hot seat and grill her on some of the topics she doesn’t always get to on daytime—like, you know, 50 Cent and twerking.

Watch the video above to see what happened when First We Feast asked Rachael Ray some burning questions about naked cooking, party tricks, and more.

The Rachael Ray Show just launched its eighth season. If you’re awesome and spend most days chilling on the couch in your underwear, find showtimes in your area right here. Or record it. Whatever it takes, players.