Almost thirty years after Yuengling Brewery closed the doors of its dairy, the family-owned company has created beer fan hysteria by announcing the re-release of all ten original flavors. Black & Tan unfortunately lacks the punch of a beer: the company has subbed Belgian chocolate and salted caramel for the alcohol.

The original dairy opened in 1920 to keep their business running during buzzkill Prohibition era. The business was not successful enough to prove profitable, so the family shut it down.

In an interview with Citizen’s Voice, a Yuengling rep stated:

“Over the years, people have always asked to bring it back and they say how much they loved it…The few people that we have told so far, everyone said it’s a great idea and wish we had done it long ago.”

Other flavors include Chocolate Marshmallow, Root Beer, and Vanilla Fudge Chunk with chocolate-covered pretzels. We can’t wait to dig our spoons into politely taste the pint-size delights of Yuengling Ice Cream.

Maybe we can try making a root beer float with flavored ice cream and actual beer. Necessity is the mother of invention.

[via Thrillist, Gothamist]

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