From East Coast to West, the college experience is responsible for both personal transformation and excessive amounts of eating. While Dominoes does the trick every now and then, the true heroes of the university scene are the small, regional chains that quickly become cult phenomena to each incoming freshman class, who quickly come to realize that Taco Bell and McDonald’s never cared about them the way D.P. Dough and Gumby’s Pizza does.

Every campus has its own version of chain restaurant heaven, which students depend on for both study breaks, hangover cures, and everything in between. Eating at these establishments is the best you can do to feel comfort and security, now that your mom stopped answering your phone calls. Whether you’re in college now or reminiscing about those careless days of yore, it’s likely you feel very strongly about your favorite campus junk-food emporium. Pop open a Natty Light and take a look at the most iconic restaurant chains on university campuses.