The Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast’s most recent guests were comedians Amy Poehler, Alan Thicke, and Neil Campbell. Show host Scott Aukerman asked his guests to freestyle rap about butter. Amy Poehler blew the other comedians out of the water when she laid down a rap about Paula Deen’s racism, America’s food and obesity crisis, and how delicious butter can actually be. Here are the 5 best lines from Amy Poehler’s amazing butter freestyle:

  • Paula Deen’s a motherf**ing racist, makes food and says let’s taste this.
  • Droppin’ N-bombs all over America, she’s got a problem like Camerica (bang), which doesn’t have any more money. No more money, isn’t that funny?
  • Butter and jam, butter pecan, butter is off, butter is on. Butter be good, butter be bad, butter be the best motherf**king thing you’ve had.
  • And now, I’m going on a diet. I think you should try it. I’m not gonna lie it’s hard to eat healthy in America, because poor people can’t afford real food.
  • I f**k a butter face.

You can stream the entire podcast here. #respect

[via Jezebel]