Intending to fight against the no-carb diets that so many attempt, the Federation of Bakers has created an “Eau de Toast” scent that debuted at London Fashion Week. This is not a joke. Models were asked to wear the scent down the runway. The perfume, concocted by The Aroma Company, is a mixture of warm caramel, malt, and yeast scents.

According to the Federation of Bakers website:

The limited edition scent was created by The Federation of Bakers to challenge the fashion for bread-free diets. With just 80 calories per slice, bread provides (at least) 10% of the adult daily intake of protein, fibre, calcium, iron, copper, zinc and manganese. What’s more, the Government’s Nutrition Survey shows that people who eat the most bread, consume the fewest calories.

The Federation even launched an ad campaign for their scent which features a beautiful couple sharing toast and perfume. Because all couples do that in the morning.

Photo: Federation of Bakers

Photo: Federation of Bakers

While it may seem like a difficult scent to incorporate into daily life, we advise you to reconsider. The scent of toast could be useful in myriad situations.

Drop the patchouli, let the lavender shatter. Toast is the new Chanel No. 5.

Click through the gallery to see four excellent occasions to sport Eau de Toast.

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