As is the case with many other spectacular innovations, the Google doodle—those delightful, fun avatars of the Google logo—began at Burning Man. The doodle was conceived in 1998, when Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to head to the hippie festival in Nevada, and created a visual out-of-office message by placing the burning man stick figure behind the second O in the Google Logo. It was an inside joke, nothing fancy—at least not compared to the witty interactive Google doodles we’ve seen in recent years. Since 1998, Google has created the Pac-Man doodle that lets you play the game and the Les Paul doodle which lets you record a tune.

Today, a team of ‘doodlers’ and engineers are behind the hundreds of doodles that show up on the Google homepage every year. Here at First We Feast, we appreciate that many of them have to do with food. So many, in fact, that Google has christened this specific doodle category “foodles”. Some foodles celebrate food personalities like Julia Child, others commemorate a specific food like the ice cream sundae, and most pay homage to food-related festivals and holidays.

Click through the gallery above and see which foodles are your favorite.