Edelweiss Restaurant in Colorado Springs is no stranger to bears rummaging through the trash for some late-night snacks, though rarely does one take its food to go.

Yesterday morning, as employees reported for work, they found that one of their dumpsters was missing, and after checking the security tapes, realized that a local bear had stolen (or borrowed, not confirmed yet) their dumpster. The quick clip is actually pretty remarkable—watching a fully grown bear get on his hind legs and pull a full dumpster back at least 50 feet is not something you see every day.

Shout out to Denver Post for doing top-notch investigative reporting, speaking to Edelweiss’s manager and learning that the restaurants signature dish is rouladen, a “top round steak pounded and rolled, stuffed with bacon, mustard, onions and pickle; covered in a dark gravy and accompanied by red cabbage and fried potatoes.”

Edelweiss is reportedly taking more serious steps to protect its property from bear thieves. In the meantime, stay safe Edelweiss Restaurant, and happy snacking to the real-life Yogi Bear.

[via Denver Post, Eater]