Apparently “grilled cheese mania” is thing. So much so that CBS News sent Bill Geist to check out what is the self-proclaimed “American Idol of grilled cheese”—LA’s annual Grilled Cheese Invitational. Cut to unintentionally hilarious montages of various people screaming “hot cheese” and the Invitational’s founder explaining the weirdly sexualized and pun-filled categories including—we kid you not—the Kama Sutra Category, “where anything goes.”

Geist even discusses the intricate nuances of the grilled cheese game with Eric Greenspan, chef and previous Grilled Cheese Invitational winner, who will soon open up his own restaurant dedicated solely to melted gooey cheese between crusty bread. CBS goes on to explore the very deep and very real divide amongst grilled cheese lovers: those who are purists, and those who love experimentation. Greenspan is clearly not a fan of the former.

The best lines of the story, however, make an appearance during Geist’s final voiceover. “Life is like a river, and a box of chocolates, and a grilled cheese—once simple and satisfying, it grows ever more complex,” he says. Word.

[via Eater]


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