Usually, renting out a whole restaurant is part of some grand romantic gesture, but in the case of a restaurant in Italy, it’s the only option. Named Solo Per Due, Italian for “just for two”, the restaurant only seats two guests—going against the restaurant industry’s belief that you need to cram as many covers into a night as possible.

Guests walk up a “candle-lit driveway”, only to be greeted by the owner himself, before they are seated in a room decorated to look like a 19th century building. Since they are the only patrons in the establishment, the staff caters to them exclusively while they dine on a meal of “homemade pasta, bread, wild fruits and mushrooms.”

The plus points to this concept? No lines and no wait. Cons? If your food (or your date) suck, it’s painful to drop $335 per person when the check comes.

Click through the gallery above for pictures of the world’s smallest restaurant.

[via Design Taxi]