Wedding cakes are often over-the-top affairs that are less about the cake, and more about the cake as a work of art. They tend to be fussy, multi-tier creations layered with an absurd amount of frosting and fondant tediously crafted into edible roses doused in edible glitter. Most of the time, under all of that incredibly expensive sugar decor, the cakes are dry and far from delicious—defeating the purpose of cake in the first place.

One couple decided to circumvent the whole sugary ordeal for a cake constructed from what we all wish we were eating instead of cake anyways—a seriously juicy burger. And no, it’s not a wedding cake shaped with fondant trickery to look like a burger, but instead real burgers with a variety of toppings fashioned to form a multi-tiered cake. The top tier is even made from a Big Mac-esque double decker burger, thus trumping the donut cake and solidifying its place in history as the best wedding cake ever.

[via Foodbeast]