When contemplating your next meal, the last thing you probably ask yourself is: “Which dinnerware should I use?” This may be because you eat with your hands, or maybe you don’t wash your dishes enough to even notice that you own any. But what about those instances where you have actual guests over to your house—what do you do then?

Labor Day is coming up, and for all we know you may be hosting a cookout, or planning a dinner party for 20 of your closest friends. In these instances, we discourage you from whipping out that “fine china”. Instead, you should break out some nifty throw-away dinnerware that’s well designed and aesthetically pleasing.

With the latest designs in disposable dinnerware, you can make any table setting look as if you put some actual effort into it. Not only can you eat in style with these bowls, plates, and utensils, you can also avoid toiling over dirty dishes at the end of the night, and instead focus on more important after dinner activities instead like playing Scrabble and drinking single malt.

Click through the gallery to see the 10 most well-designed disposable dishes and utensils, either in development or available to buy online.