Chef Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy, Top Chef Masters host Curtis Stone, and chef and molecular gastronomist Homaro Cantu got together on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes to talk about the $380,000 burger made from lab-grown beef. When the burger was taste tested on Monday in the UK, the testers found it to be lacking in flavor due to a lack of fat. What did Cohen, Stone, and Cantu think?

Amanda Cohen: “I would not serve this in my restaurant. But we’re an all-vegetable restaurant, so it wouldn’t really have any place. So the idea of having this weird, mock meat product really wouldn’t fit in.” (Well, duh.) “Past that, I don’t think this is ready to be served in any restaurant.”

Curtis Stone: “I think it’s a real shame that we put so much energy and resource into science to develop food that is not natural. Here in the States, we waste 40% of what comes out of the ground. If we put some more energy into turning our waste around and not throwing good food into the garbage—the food industry has become such a beast. I really think that were really misguided with it.”

Homaro Cantu: “No, that’s like asking if we would use a processor from the 1950s in a phone today. I think it has billions of dollars and a long way to go before it becomes successful to the mainstream.”

The three chefs don’t seem too hopeful about the buzzed-about in-virto burger. Skip straight to 2:45 to hear more of their opinions on the fatless frankenburger.

[via Eater]

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