All photos by Liz Barclay (@liz_barclay)

Taco Bell plans to announce its newest Doritos Locos taco flavor on August 22nd, and simultaneously make the Locos taco available nationwide. For the past week, they’ve been sending out samples of the nuevo Doritos Locos taco without disclosing what the mystery flavor is, and letting the media take their best guess. Yes, this has and will continue to ignite a social media debate (see: #_DLT), and yes, this is a genius marketing scheme. Whatever, all we know is: We had a mystery Doritos Locos taco sitting on our desk and we happily fell into Taco Bell’s marketing trap. There’s been early speculation that the shell seems to be patterned off of Flamas Doritos, but only time will tell the true tale.

So what did we think of the alarmingly red taco shell filled with ground beef, shredded lettuce, and cheese?

Chris Schonberger

(FWF editor-in-chief)

“I reckon this is an elaborate ruse to unveil a new flavor of Doritos based on Fire Sauce. This just tastes like you put a couple extra packets of the sauce into your taco. I’ve always been kind of a fan of Fire to be honest—it’s one of the best things about Taco Bell. It would be amazing if the reveal was not only that there’s a new Locos Tacos flavor, but that it’s based on Fire Sauce chips that never existed before. Taco Bell is awesome at Twitter and stuff, so I wouldn’t put it past them.”

Matt Schonfeld

(FWF editorial intern)

“The Flamas flavor—if that’s what we’re looking at—gives the taco an extra spice, enhancing the bland flavor of Taco Bell’s meat. It’s not overpowering, as I’d imagine Cool Ranch to be. It’s a subtle kick that’s equal to throwing a little extra hot sauce on your taco.”

Shanté Cosme

(Complex Media assistant editor)

“I actually liked it a lot better than the other two they released. Though they still haven’t really nailed the Doritos crunch/flavor.”

Erin Mosbaugh

(FWF editorial assistant)

“It’s the best Doritos Locos taco flavor yet, but that’s not really saying much.”