While the Cronut is busy igniting class-warfare and blog beef in NYC, the more traditional croissant is stirring up some real-ass drama in the rebel-controlled city of Aleppo, Syria, where an Islamic religious committee is not feeling the flaky baked good’s “colonial connotation.”

According to a Jewish News One broadcast, a sharia (religious law of Islam) committee believes that the French pastry is “made in a crescent shape to celebrate Christian victories over Islam.” How so? The committee says that centuries back, the French created the petit-dejeuner staple to celebrate European victories over Muslim Ottomans. The Washington Post recruited some food historians to debunk such claims.

Of course, this isn’t the first strict religious law that has been put in effect in these rebel-run cities; for example, women are forbidden to go out in public wearing make-up or tight-fitting clothing. But it is the first, to our knowledge, to take aim at pastries.

No word on how this will affect “French-ass restaurants” in Aleppo, or what Yeezus would say to his disciples about this croissant shaming.

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