You know how you can tell we’ve all lost our minds and/or become completely fine with the clownish, zero-sum-game that is electoral politics?

Here’s one: When we’re asking the candidates for New York City comptroller/glorified pension manager—see: former New York state Attorney General and Governor Eliot Spitzer and Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer—about Cronuts.

Yes: Cronuts.

Here’s this, from Monday night’s televised debate on New York 1:

To be fair, in a fifty-someodd minute debate hosted by two of the smarter people in New York City—WNYC’s Brian Lehrer and NY1’s Errol Lewis—it was a much-needed moment of levity that came during what was truly the only decent part of a very angry (or: hangry?) debate, during which the candidates were also asked if they’ve ever voted Republican, gambled, or taken a ride on a CitiBike. And it really wasn’t the silliest part of the debate, either, as Stringer spent most of it attacking Eliot Spitzer’s resignation as New York City governor, and Spitzer spent most of the debate attacking Stringer’s lack of independence from the New York City political establishment.

So at least it was lively.

But it just goes to show just how peak-Cronut this city—nay, this world—is, which is to say: any heights (or depths) you thought humanity couldn’t reach (or plumb) thanks to Cronuts is never, ever off-limits. But it’s hard to tell in this instance whether or not the Cro-Tards have won again or not, as neither candidate answered in the affirmative, maybe because they know just how insipid Cronut Fever truly is.