Potato enthusiasts, rejoice! Shake Shack is finally upgrading the lone item on its menu people are only mildly excited by: its frozen french fries, which are best described as perfectly adequate ketchup vehicles. But starting RIGHT NOW, the chain is giving the people what they want, albeit only people who live within a reasonable distance of its Upper East Side location.

Said Shake Shack is now serving fresh-cut fries. Judging by the gratuitous food porn on Shake Shack’s blog, the fries are skin-on, longer and skinnier than their frozen predecessors, and are generally a far worthier companion to an epic Shroomburger. The potatoes in question are hand-cut, never-frozen Idaho russets. They look gorgeous.

Hopefully the chain will soon be rolling out its French Fries 2.0 to more locations, but until then, fried carb fans will have to make do with commuting to 86th and 3rd. There’s even a hashtag for sharing your personal Shack fries experience: #ShackFreshFries. Go forth and tweet.

[via Shake Shack]