Summer days should be spent on a little boat in the middle of the ocean, reeling in the fish, hauling up nets full of clams, and harvesting octopus. It’s hard, dangerous work, but when you get home and cook up that fresh seafood, still salty from the ocean water, all of your labor will be worth it.

Ok, so maybe that’s not reality. Maybe summer days are spent in the office instead—or if you’re lucky, next to a pool (with no sea creatures in sight). But it is true that summer is the absolute best time to eat fresh seafood—even if you’re not the one fishing it. Sure, you can get it at all times of the year, but no wintertime seafood can compare to what you’ll taste in August. These seafood recipes will add a chill, coastal vibe to your next get-together or to any old weeknight meal. But you better act fast: summertime isn’t around for much longer and the fish are swimming away.

Click through the gallery above to get the recipes for an end-of-summer seafood blowout.

Written by Food52 (@food52)