Let this be a lesson to all gardeners out there with rhubarb patches that extend a couple feet beyond your property. Rhubarb theives are out there, and even if they are old, they will verbally abuse you with the dexterity of someone half their age.

This Iowa resident, whose name is unknown but who has been aptly deemed “crazy rhubarb lady,” achieved Internet infamy through Reddit, Gawker, and several other sources who shared the video of her berated someone while stealing their rhubarb. Watch as she unleashes her blind rage on a mellow Midwestern woman whose poor mother’s rhubarb patch is being assaulted. The back-and-forth between the two is brutally hilarious.

Check the video above, and head over to NYMag for the full transcription.

I think one Gawker commenter described this “crazy rhubarb lady” best with one photo:


Via Gawker, Reddit, NYMag