We’re here to confirm that, yes, Prince went to Michael White’s Soho restaurant Costata Friday night, but then left without paying the bill. So The Purple One dines and dashes—who knew?

“It’s kind of shocking that out of the three or four people he was with, no one had any money,” says Olivia Young, Alta Marea Group’s head of media and communications. Young confirmed with us over the phone just now that Prince’s bill still has not been paid. The Alta Marea rep also said that Prince had three cocktails and did not eat anything at Costata, and she confirmed that he was sporting an afro and a pimp cane when he walked in.

According to Young, Prince’s manager left his contact info at the restaurant before leaving, and said he’d be in touch. But “in touch” Prince and his manager have not yet been. This is just atrocious restaurant etiquette, no matter if you’re Prince or a plebeian. And the question that’s beginning to be answered is: Is Prince completely out of cash? Why else would he do such a thing? We’ll keep you updated as more news trickles in.

[via NY Post]