Salad Match, the new dating app from a NYC fast-casual chain called Just Salad, is the obvious way to find your arugula-loving soulmate. To set up a profile on Salad Match, simply download it for free, connect through Facebook, post your Facebook profile picture, set the kind of salad you prefer (the options range from “chef-designed” to “gluten-free”), which Just Salad location is your favorite, and what time of day you usually go to Just Salad.

Just like the well known, successful dating app, Tinder, you are presented with a match and you can either click “Yes” or “No” to the salad eater. If you and your salad mate are a match, the app connects you and, according to the website’s Facebook, you can “meet at Just Salad for lunch or dinner, schmooze over a frozen yogurt, and get lost in each other’s eyes while enjoying a freshly chopped salad…”. Excuse me while I puke in my lightly dressed hearts of romaine salad with pesto chicken and Craisins.

The Huffington Post reports that Salad Match isn’t the only food-based dating program out there. Gluten Free Singles helps celiacs and people with gluten sensitivity connect with one another. This app actually makes sense, since your gluten free partner will understand, and even be pleased, when you stock the pantry with brown rice bread and quinoa cereal.

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