Recently, we’ve seen a craze of genre-bending food combinations spreading through the Internet like wildfire. We will admit that we had a hand in creating one monstrous meme-worthy mashup, but that doesn’t mean all of these buzz-worthy hybrid foods are worth four hours of line-waiting with other goons.

The best way to avoid joining the ranks of the Cro-Tards? Skip all that nonsense and make your own gonzo eats at home.

From cookies cross-bred with s’mores to macarons jacked up with Cheetos, the combinations are seemingly endless. Here, we’ve round up some of genre-defying recipes to try at home—they’re are sure to confuse you at first, but they’ll inevitably make you turn on your oven and start cooking.

Click through the gallery to see some of the best mind-blowing mashup recipes on the Internet.