Mario Batali just got his ass handed to him on Twitter by @KatyaFierce, whose bio simply says “ornery, scandalous, and evil.” What started the epic Twitter battle? Katya claimed that Chef Batali tasted a vinaigrette on Iron Chef America…and then put the fork he tasted it with back into the bowl!


Batali then mocked @KatyaFierce by retweeting her accusation and commenting “OMG!”.

Katya retaliated by saying just because Batali works hard doesn’t mean the judges on the show should eat his saliva.

As Katya gets more and more enraged, Mario backs off a little and makes passively snarky comments to piss Katya off, while still engaging and asking her if he can get her a glass of wine, because it’s just TV and she needs to relax.

Then, in a final move, the fiery and scandalous @KatyaFierce replies to Batali’s offer by saying, “You’d probably sip from that, too. So no thanks.” BOOM.

Batali ends the Twitter battle with:


Seems like Batali is too enraged to even check his spelling. So, who do you think won this Twitter battle of death? The ferocious @KatyaFierce or chef @Mariobatali?

Click through the gallery to see all of the snide remarks from both parties on Twitter.