Could the infamous Cronut make it big in North Dakota? That’s the question Marilyn Hagerty—the 87-year-old woman whose Olive Garden review went viral last year—tries to answer during her appearance on the Today Show. At first, the critical Hagerty likes the hybrid pastry, and says, “Well, it’s very chewy, it’s very good.” She goes on to mention, “I think that I would like it with a cup of coffee, maybe in the afternoon…in the afternoon you can eat more,” and sums up her review with, “I think a Cronut could make it in North Dakota, but we’re quite selective out there, you know.” Cronut creator Dominique Ansel was delighted with the news that Hagerty tried his Cronut, and promptly Tweeted:


She went on to do an interview with, in which she stressed the serious importance of eating the Cronut with coffee. “You stand in line for them. I think I’d join the line. I’d like a cup of coffee with it some time. You know a nice cup of coffee, that’d go well with it. I don’t think anything else would, I mean you wouldn’t want a soda pop, you wouldn’t want a shot of gin with it.” We’re not sure gin and Cronuts sounds all that bad. Now that the idea for the pairing has been put out there, we must pose the obvious question: is gin and Cronuts the new gin and juice?

Watch Hagerty talk about Grand Forksthe new book she is publishing with Anthony Bourdain—and watch her review of the Cronut here:

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[via NBC News]