Working in the Complex offices means that we see a lot of interesting characters come through our halls—just this past week, Dikembe Mutombo randomly strolled by, and we’ve definitely seen Amanda Bynes lurking in the shadows around the building (though she would never admit it). This week, rapper Machine Gun Kelly (@MachineGunKelly)—who recently drew attention for receiving fellatio while performing in Dallas—stopped by and we chatted him up about eating in his hometown of Cleveland.

Where do you like to eat when you’re home in Cleveland?
Zanzibar, they serve dank-ass soul food and great Kool-Aid. I usually get the Zanzibar Feast, which has options: I get the chicken, the walleye cake,  the sweet potatoes, the homemade mac and cheese—and then I get the Sunrise, which is lemonade and red Kool-Aid mixed together. I like Hanini’s [Subs] on 55th—any of the Hanini’s, really, I’ll get a Hood Club [roast beef and turkey]. Then I like B-Spot Burgers, my homie Michael Symon, Iron Chef.

What do you like about Michael Symon’s burger joint?
They make some weird ass burgers.

What else do you like?
Fuck man…I like the microwave that I cook my fuckin’ frozen food in. That’s definitely one of my favorite restaurants. And then probably that one that’s …where is that one at? Up your butt and around the corner, I think is where that one is.

Alright, let’s leave it at that, shall we.