Lupe Fiasco used to be one of hip-hop’s most creative forces, but then he got mad at the label, mad at the system, mad at the world…just mad at everything in that sort of non-rapping, conspiracy-theorist who live-tweets episode of Glenn Beck sort of way. No fun at all.

Continuing his streak of being the Grinch of Rap Music, he decided to respond to the Kendrick Lamar verse that set the Internet on fire last night with the following tweet, directed at his 1.3 million “private” followers:

lupeThis would just be typical Lupe naysaying if he didn’t follow up on this anti-hype screed (that was just the beginning) by tweeting about CRONUTS no fewer than 14 hours later. “@CRONUTs=ballin'” he said, offering a shoddy Twitpic of some Cronut-esque things in a box.

As is evidenced by the photo above, these were certainly not genuine-article Cronuts from Dominique Ansel Bakery, but rather bargain-bin knockoffs that deploy powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar and lack the burnished exterior and delicious icing of the original.

So it’s come to this: Lupe Fiasco soap-boxing about hypebeasting, on the Internet, while eating faux-Cronuts.

We’ve all been wondering (we in this case literally just meaning the First We Feast staff, no one else cares) which rapper would be the first to reference Cronuts. The fact that it was Lupe Fiasco in a tweet is something that will keep us up at night for some time to come.

UPDATE: Lupe came through with a pretty solid “Control” response called “SLR 2.” But still…fake Cronuts. C’mon son.