We’ve already discussed the irony of Lupe Fiasco subtweeting Kendrick Lamar while bragging about his fake Cronuts. In the past two days, the rapper has taken one step forward and two step back: First, he dropped some music as a response to Kendrick’s controversial “Control” verse, and it was actually pretty hot. Good move. But then he turned around and started tweeting about his fake Cronuts again!

This time, the photo revealed even more evidence that the Cronut is fake, since it’s in a paper bag rather than the happy-meal style gold box that house the genuine article.

The Cronut convo continued with a fan:


“That asshole won’t make more” could be a subliminal diss at Jay Electronica—the much-hyped rapper who appeared on “Control” but has been sitting on his debut album for eons—or even at Lupe himself, whose lack of output has also been a source of frustration to fans.

Lupe’s response, meanwhile, is nothing short of pastry slander. Fake Cronuts are worse than Dunkin’ Donuts? That’s like saying that a dude on YouTube who raps in his mom’s basement and calls himself Lupe Fiasco is “just ex-F&F who didnt get drafted.”

Step away from the Cronuts, Lupe. It’s for your own good.