Olympic track and field star Lolo Jones—who won three NCAA titles and garnered 11 All-American honors while at LSU—must have been really craving Mc Donald’s this morning. Jones Tweeted:

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 1.19.00 PMMaybe it was a ploy to get free McDonald’s for the rest of her life, but maybe the girl just needs a cheeseburger. Athletes do need to eat enough calories to fuel their active lifestyle, but we’re not sure McDonald’s cheeseburgers are the sort of nutritious grub that keeps them going. Good thing Lolo is saving the burger for her last race. In other news, Jones is determined to make the 2014 Olympic bobsled team and go for the gold. Who knows—maybe she’ll become a sled god à la Cool Runnings, if only she can keep off that Mickey D’s.