Isn’t a person who is attempting to grill supposed to have a brain? And, assuming that this person has a working brain, wouldn’t they not require their grill to think for them?

The innovators over at T-fal don’t seem to think so, which is why they’re launching the OptiGrill, “an indoor electric grill with a ‘brain’ that cooks food to your preference, perfectly. Every time.” The T-fal team says if you’re trying to image their product, “think iRobot meets Indoor Grill”. But when we think of iRobot, we think of this, which paired with a grill would be terrifying:

So how does this frightening fail of a kitchen gadget work? There are six settings: burger, poultry, sandwich, sausage, red meat, and fish, and you must first indicate which type of food you are cooking. But, assuming you don’t have a brain, how would you know? After you get over that hurdle, you must set a dial to rare, medium, or well-done. The OptiGrill operates with automatic sensor cooking and by taking a thickness measurement, so it can let you know when your steak, or chicken breast, or Cronut burger, or whatever is cooked to perfection.

But whatever happened to touching your meat to gage whether it’s done? What about the handy, reliable meat thermometer? What ever happened to paying attention to how long you’ve had your steak on the grill for, what temperature you’re cooking on, and how thick your steak is? Or is this simply too many factors for us lazy, brainless humans to comprehend at once? Are people seriously so lazy and unwilling to learn kitchen basics that they need their cooking device to tell them how to cook?

T-fal’s tagline is “Ideas you can’t live without.” Sorry to break it to you T-fal, we would have done just fine without this one.