Nobody doubts the fact that the Colonel is a little loopy. But through his passion for fried chicken and southern hospitality, Sanders revolutionized the fast food game in the early 20th century. For this, and for his tasty biscuits, he deserves respect.

The Internet archeologists at Buzzfeed dug up this trippy, paranoia-inducing KFC commercial from 1967, in which the Colonel is being held captive. Mr. Sanders is strapped to a lie-detector and asked to divulge the contents of his signature blend of 11 herbs and spices. In a veteran move, he starts out with the obvious: Eggs, milk, flower, etc. Next, he hits his interrogators with the crazy: “4-ounces of grandfather’s overcoat, three shoelaces, and a hubcap.” He toys with them and gives them an evil laugh, because the Colonel will never divulge his secret.

Watch the vintage 1967 KFC commercial above. 

[via Buzzfeed]