Judging by photographer Juergen Teller’s surreal, space agey, shiny close-ups of the food at Hotel il Pellicano in Porto, Italy, we’re guessing he must have been one of those “turn the food on your plate into a fantastic aquarium scene” kind of a kid. You may have seen—or at least heard of—Teller’s work in which he photographed his own anus, but that has nothing to do with the photographer’s food photos.

Teller’s whimsical photos (pictured above) come from a new glossy cookbook called Eating at Hotel Il Pelicano. For the book, Teller captures beautifully plated creations from head chef Antonio Guida, who himself is known for immense creativity and wildly imaginative presentation. All the recipes are written by chef Guida, and there’s also a quirky intro from popular British author Will Self. We’ll admit, Teller’s photos don’t make for the best food porn, but he does subvert the conventions of food photography and we can totally get behind that.

Click through the gallery to see Juergen Teller’s surreal close-ups of the food at Hotel il Pellicano. All photos courtesy of Juergen Teller.

[via It’s Nice That]