Remember Scanwiches? You know, the Tumblr which creator Jon Chonko used to display artfully scanned crossections of sandwiches, revealing towering piles of bread, meat, cheese, veggies, etc.

The newer, grosser evolution of Scanwiches is photographer Jon Feinstein’s Fast Food, a series created by scanning fast foods ranging from burgers to fried chicken on stark black backgrounds using a flatbed scanner. Feinstein often spends less than an hour on each scan, often while the food is still hot. The artist states his intentions for the series on his website:

Under austere, uniform lighting; stripped of branding, packaging and iconography, the food takes on a scientific, yet ethereal quality that is at times both revolting and mouthwatering. These photographs investigate the love/hate relationship that many Americans have with fast food, and, like many other aspects of popular culture, its ability to be simultaneously seductive and repulsive.

Feinstein tells PetaPixel that the project isn’t intended to be “propaganda” against meat or fast food. The photographer himself eats meat, and occasionally fast food as well. Instead, the images are “more about asking questions.”

As Feinstein intended, most of the isolated fast food items do look quite repulsive, but they also induce cravings. Fried chicken looks crispy and absolutely delicious, while pictures of hamburgers look grey, lifeless, and completely unappetizing. This series succeeds because it does not simply expose us to beautiful foods, but takes a wide sampling of one food genre and exposes it in its true, unadulterated form.

Click through the gallery to witness the sometimes repulsive, sometimes hunger-inducing scanned fast foods. All photos courtesy of Jon Feinstein.

[via PetaPixel]