Kyoto pizza parlor Pizza Little Party will soon be introducing a ‘Megaburgerpizza’ to its menu. This beast weighs in at approximately 2.65lbs, basically devaluing our whole list of the most absurdly over-the-top food and drink in recent history in one fell swoop. The gargantuan pizza-burger hybrid comes with 400g (14.5 oz) patties of grilled beef sandwiched between two 11” pizzas, reports Rocket News. The Megaburgerpizza is topped with Pizza Little Party’s original meat sauce, a special cheese blend, and standard burger accoutrements.

The uneccesarily large pizza-burger will go on sale from September 1 to November 22 for 2,580 yen (US $26). So get your private jet, fly to Japan, shell out that yen, and get yourself a Megaburgerpizza stat.


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