Japanese baked goods—which include the fluffiest of breads, insane cheesecake, soft cookies stuffed with cream, and more—are already the carbohydrate-fueled creations of our dreams. Now that Japanese retailer Felissimo has managed to turn these pastries into full-size bedding, they can literally be something we dream inside of.

The sleep bags, pillows, and soft cushions are available for $150-$200, and are the perfect excuse to nap. Not only do these beds look extra comfy, they come with coordinating blankets—toast pillows get a red blanket to mimic jelly, while the cream pockets come with an off-white blanket to mimic cream. Best of all, Brian Ashcroft of Kotaku translated the Japanese titles into English, often resulting in hilariously literal names.

Click through the gallery above to see pictures of the most delicious beds that will induce a strong desire to nap.

[via Laughing Squid, Kotaku]