Dilla’s Delights, a new coffee and doughnut shop that’s slated to open in Detroit this fall, will take its inspiration from late Detroit hip-hop producer J Dilla. The legendary producer’s uncle, Herman Hayes, is the man behind this soon to open donut shop. Uproxx reports that Hayes was a baker and used to bring Dilla donuts as a child. The devoted uncle says the shop is themed around Dilla’s final album, Donuts, and will sell twenty different varieties. Most of the donuts will reference the dozens of projects the producer worked on during his career, including the tracks he made with A Tribe Called Quest, Common, Erykah Badu, De La Soul, and Busta Rhyme. One of the donut varieties, McNasty Macaroons, takes its name from “McNasty Filth,” a track Dilla did with his side project Jaylib.

Go get yourself a McNasty Filth donut from Dilla’s Delights this fall, and check out our comprehensive guide to restaurants run by rappers while you’re at it.

[via Grubstreet, Detroit News]