Working in the Complex offices means that we see a lot of interesting characters come through our halls. This week, Atlanta’s Ying Yang Twins (@yingyangtwins)—a rap duo consisting twerk pioneers Kaine and D-Roc—stopped by and we chatted him up about hometown grub, strip-club wings, and eating gators in New Orleans.

What are your favorite places to eat in Atlanta?

Kaine: They got this soul food spot on Old National Highway called Big Daddy’s. I’m a real fan of soul food. They got some of the best smothered chicken, man, you know, collard greens… Homey food is what I like after being on the road so many years. Road food is road kill.

D-Roc: McDonald’s. I got kids and that’s the first thing they gon’ get. “Some French fries and, uhh, chicken nuggets.” And I get me a daily double.

What kind of dishes can you cook?

Kaine: I’m a really big roast fan. Baked in the oven. I make a mean roast, and deep-fried turkey, too.

D-Roc: I cook whatever I want to cook. If I don’t know how to make it—Google it.

“I ain’t particularly trying to eat around no naked ass.” — D-Roc

What’s your favorite thing to cook?

Kaine: I would say baked ziti, turkey wings. You know, Mr. Collipark taught me how to cook a good steak.

D-Roc [singing]: Cook a good steak, make it look’a real nice.

Kaine: He put that apron on, looking like the Cosby Show. Walk in the house, he got the apron on.

What’s your take on eating wings at strip clubs?

Kaine: I really don’t want no food [when people are] butt-naked ass.

D-Roc: I will tear that shits up! Extra crispy, please.

Kaine: All that extra juice and shit, poppin’ and floppin’ around in there. I ain’t particularly trying to eat around no naked ass. Shit kind of stalls my appetite.

D-Roc: I don’t give a fuck. And give me hot lemon pepper, mixed together—extra, extra crispy. Mmm mmm.

What kinds of foods do your kids like to eat?

D-Roc: McDonald’s.

Kaine: Whatever daddy cooks. I figured out a way to get them off McDonald’s—tell them it’s kangaroo beef.

D-Roc: Nah, they don’t care about that. Then they be like, “Don’t give me the hamburger, just give me the nuggets.”

Are there any other cities that you guys like to eat in?

Kaine: New Orleans, hands down—them people really put love into their food. They will [eat] anything. If you say you want to try it, they’ll put it together for you.

Have you ever tried any weird dishes in New Orleans?

Kaine: Oh, man, all the bottom of the swamp, man—alligator, crocodile, snake, sea snail.

D-Roc: I don’t get down like that.

Kaine: I done ate octopus. You know, you name it…

D-Roc: That octopussy! I don’t eat anything that looks like it can still stick to you.

Kaine: You eat some shit while it looks like it’s still walking!

D-Roc: She wasn’t walkin’ at the time!

Anything else you want to add?

Kaine: I’m hungry now.

D-Roc: You done made me hungry? Where’s KFC?