This past weekend at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg, noodle revolutionary Keizo Shimamoto introduced the Ramen Burger, a shoyu-slathered patty packed between two discs of fried ramen noodles. It’s like some gourmet Cup-O-Noodle-inspired response to our daring hypebeast frankenfood of the decade, the Umami Cronut Burger. But whatever, no hard feelings, we’d still eat it. Hundreds of people lined up at the Sun Noodle cart, waiting upwards of two hours for this MSG-soaked, noodle-y burger. Strangely enough, there seems to be a huge market for these lavish bun substitutes—may we remind you of KFC’s Double Down fried chicken-bun sandwich?

But while Shimamoto is grilling up his ramen buns, Foodbeast reminds us of Bite Sized’s recipe for a top shelf Scallop BLT—classic bacon, lettuce, and tomato placed ever-so-gently between two juicy seared scallops. There’s an interesting world out there of sandwich bun innovation, and as pioneers of that game, we think it’s only right to give respect to those that came before us, and those that strive to come after.

[Via Food Beast/ Bite Sized]