We millennials love pointing out how inept our parents are when it comes to technology. The whole “respect your elders” thing really doesn’t apply when they’re busy making fools of themselves via every social media outlet in existence. We simply can’t support it. And so, to ridicule those careless baby boomers, we present to you Old People Writing On A Restaurant’s Facebook Page. This brilliant Tumblr breaks down the inherent struggles of being a technologically inept old person in the same hilarious way that When Parents Text does.

O.P.W.O.R.F.P features a wide range of hopelessly unaware Facebook users, from disgusted Applebee’s patrons upset at the fact that the food served looked nothing like the photos advertised on the menu, to confused Red Lobster customers writing on the chain’s wall about getting 29 staples removed and the subsequent screaming that may ensue. (We don’t get it either.)

Check out the gallery for some of Old People Writing On A Restaurant’s Facebook Pages best posts, and be sure to follow the site for your daily fix of middle-aged technological befuddlement.