Angie and Paul—who are presumably a couple, or two people living together and sharing the same dishes—got food face plates. You know, those plates you may or may not have had as a child, which feature a picture of Dapper Dan The Magnetic Man? You are supposed to create hats out of peas and beards out of potatoes for Dan, but we don’t think anyone seriously did this as a kid. Never mind children and their abhorrent laziness, Angie and Paul have purchased a food face plate and decided to put it to good use—fashioning Dan a hat from spaghetti, a bonnet from prosciutto, and a beard from mashed potatoes. They have put ample thought into this ever-evolving gallery of funny food faces, just for your enjoyment.

Click through the gallery above to see Angie and Dan’s extraordinary food face plate creations. All photos courtesy of Funny Food Face.