We jumped for joy and clapped our hands when we saw the Celebs At McDonalds Tumblr, brought to our attention by Complex Art + Design. “What’s more American than being obsessed with celebrities? And what’s more American than McDonalds? That’s right, the answer is nothing,” Complex contributor Sazan Pasori points out. It’s surprising to see which celebrities and politicians eat at the all-American fast food chain, and so far, the fascinating Tumblr has posted pictures of our very own president eating a burger, Bill Clinton drinking a milk shake, and Rihanna placing an order that probably goes a little something like, “one Big Mac, one large fry, and a McCafé blueberry pomegranate smoothie.” Rih Rih has to keep her figure, after all.

Click through the gallery above to see which of your favorite celebs and politicians visit the Golden Arches. All photos courtesy of Celebs At McDonalds.

[via Complex Art + Design]