According to Hits Daily DoubleDrake‘s new album Nothing Was the Same has been pushed back. The album’s release date was initially announced as September 17, but is now slated for the following week of September 24, reports Pigeons and Planes. The music world and Drake fans have been hypothesizing why, exactly, the album release was postponed, but we think we’ve cracked the case.

Just a week back, news broke that 12 people fell ill after eating Cronut burgers at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. The food vendor was shut down Tuesday night after at least a dozen people displayed symptoms of gastrointestinal illness, the National Post reports. At least two people said they became ill after eating the Cronut burger, including Anupa Mistry and Kuya Blacks.



That leaves 10 other unidentified people who both ate the Cronut burger and haven’t reported whether or not they fell ill. We have evidence that Drake loves a good burger and that he’s a big Toronto restaurant booster, so our question is: Is the real reason Drake’s album got pushed back because he has gastrointestinal illness from eating the toxic Cronut burger?

The events are too coincidental, the timing of Drake’s possible gastrointestinal problems seems accurate, and there has been no other explanation that we know of as to why the album was pushed back. This is all very suspect, so we are writing a get well soon card to Drizzy as you read this.

Maybe, instead of putting out a response to “Control,” he was trying to one-up Lupe Fiasco’s faux-cronut eating adventures.

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