Kim Kardashian doesn’t do things the way the rest of us peasants do. While we’re out here filming little videos with Instagram and Vine, she uses something called Keek. And when she says #JustARegularFamilyDinner, she actually means a song recital by the young YouTube star Pia Mia Perez while Kanye sits at the head of the table grinning and Drake does a dance.

Last night, she made us aware of all this by tweeting the following:

Which included this Keek clip of Pia Mia singing, rather impressively, to the intimidating crowd.

Aug 18, 2013 | Hold on, we’re going home #JustARegularFamilyDinner by KimKardashian on

One has to wonder what happened next. Did Kanye send Pia into a fit of tears by telling her that she’ll never be Beyonce? Did Drake make it awkward by serenading her with some acapella vocals of his own? And did anyone actually eat any food.

Unless the aftermath Keek leaks, we may never know.

[via Complex]