If you think having red, green, and black grapes in your fridge at the same time means you are the ultimate fruit fiend, think again. Until you get your hands on even one-tenth of what’s being produced by Californian breeding program International Fruit Genetics, your grape collection is weak. Bond villian-esque moniker aside, the IFG actually avoids the use of GMOs and creates these new grape varieties through good ol’ hybridization, a process that involves “taking pollen from one plant and brushing it onto another plant,” according to redditor Farmertmi who is a UK grape technologist. Yes, that’s a real job and we want it.

Some of these grape creations from IFG have already managed to make their way into your local produce aisle. Redditor pocketmole stumbled across a pack of unusually elongated grapes, dubbed Witches Fingers, while shopping in Texas. Strange as those are, they are chump change next to the ‘cotton candy’ variety that, when ripe, tastes like—you guessed it—cotton candy. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, head of research at IFG, David Cain, noted that he created these incredibly sweet grape hybrids because they’re “competing against candy bars and cookies.” Not sure if grapes will ever be able to replace this nation’s addiction to Snickers, but it’s a valiant effort indeed.

Both of these designer varieties should be available for purchase shortly at most high-end American supermarkets, along with other designer produce. It’s safe to say fruit salad shall never be the same.

[via Laughing Squid]