Eater broke the news today that Union Square Hospitality Group founder Danny Meyer is planning to branch out into the world of airline food through a partnership with Delta. Blue Smoke‘s executive chef Kenny Callaghan will create meals and signature cocktails to be served on Delta’s three daily flights from JFK to Heathrow. If the Blue Smoke meals prove successful, and fliers are happy with their ribs and slaw, expect more Danny Meyer restaurant collaborations with Delta down the road.

The only problem: modern science reveals that when you step aboard a modern airliner, you begin to lose your sense of taste. First, the atmosphere inside the cabin dries out the nose. Next, as the plane ascends, the change in air pressure numbs about a third of the taste buds. When the plane reaches 35,000 feet, xerostomia or cotton mouth sets in. Given these facts, Delta’s premiere fliers making their way to Heathrow might not enjoy their saucy ribs and pulled pork as much as chef Callaghan might like them to. Another thing that will undoubtedly quell flier’s enjoyment of their ‘cue: unappetizing plane ambience. But, then again, who knows—maybe the deliciousness of Blue Smoke BBQ will transcend the problem of passengers’ numbed tastebuds.