We’ve been critical of food-inspired fashions before, and we were never huge fans of Lady Gaga’s controversial meat dress. But on the real, this kid rocking watermelon shorts and booties is the Undisputed King of Swag.

The only thing stopping us from deriving unbridled joy from this young lad’s outfit is the obvious question of whether or not it is ethical to put small children inside of large fruits. Chinese Navis tackles the issue better than we ever could:

Most Chinese netizens think this watermelon shorts is very cute and funny. But some of them think this shorts made the boy feel uncomfortable due to the moisture in watermelon, and it is not a good try. What is your opinion?

UPDATE: Apparently, watermelon kids are kind of a thing in China. According to Kotaku, the trend started last month in Wenzhou when photos of a child in a watermelon suit went viral. Now tons of kids are rocking them, and even some adults are making rind-based constumes. Still, none of them approach the steez of the chap above. He is still king of the watermelon kid patch.

[via Chinese Navis]